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Bahariya oasis   Oasis Safari Egypt Bahariya oasis   Oasis Safari Egypt -
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Day 1 Moving from Bahariya to visit the museum where you can see a lot of golden mummies – banauti tomb[the king of the oasis previously ] Alexander temple –Helwa spring –El Meftela -walking through the Palm tree gardens –the lake – Dest & magrafa [pyramid mountain ] in this place the biggest two Dinosaurs were discovered –Beer elghapa hot spring –Beer El matter hot spring - English house [ the place where the English ruler was living during the colonization -enjoy swimming in hot spring then we will return to the hotel to have dinner Day 2 Moving after breakfast to the black desert – Bedouin village [El haez ] hot spring –crystal mountain having lunch in crystal mountain –then going to El Agabat dinner and sleep in agabat. Day 3 Moving after breakfast the big and small valley and lunch in Magic spring after lunch visit the new white desert dinner and sleep in white desert Day 4 Moving after breakfast the old white desert –wadi El khiam – the old Akasia tree then we will move to see some stones which formed from the effect of the wind like [mushroom – horse – chicken –ice cream ]returning to Bahariya then to Cairo

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